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Please note product prices may vary upon consultation.

Underlines Platforms Education Create Testimonials

How do I pay for my product?
You can pay via PayPal or Direct Debit. If you wish to pay by cheque please contact Underlines and an arrangement may be able to be made.
You will receive your free consultations and then payment must be made in order for the process to go any further.

How do I receive my product?
If we are providing you with a workshop we will bring it to you in your school/youth group. If you’ve bought a resource pack or bespoke play we will send it you in a PDF document. If you wish for a printed hard-copy to be posted to you, this can be discussed in consultation but an extra fee will be added for the printing, packaging and posting. We will keep in contact with you as much as you like through the creation process and you will be notified when the product has been finalised.

What rights do I have with the product?
The rights for plays and scripts will be further discussed during the consultation. If you are wishing to perform the play to a paying audience or for more than three days, this must be declared in the consultation. Your overall quoted fee with take this into consideration and will be higher for additional performance rights. Credit must always be given to the writer of the script in programmes and preferably posters. Credit to Underlines itself is not necessary but is always appreciated. Alongside the receipt for your payment we will include terms and conditions as well as a brief of the rights you have.
Any handouts provided in our workshops and resource packs  can be used throughout your school as frequent as you like. You do not have permission to reproduce our handouts and distribute them to parents or request a fee.
With any product, nobody has the rights to reproduce the work and sell it on.
(Please read our terms and conditions for more information)  

What rights does Antonia Underwood/Underlines/The writer  have with the product?
With all work created by/through Underlines; Antonia Underwood, Underlines and any other writer involved in the process is allowed to reproduce any work for themselves and/or a paying audience as director and/or actor six months after sending you your product. Underlines have the right to resell the item at any price they wish after these six months. If you purchase a bespoke play, these rights will vary and will be discussed with you at the beginning of the process.
(Please read our terms and conditions for more information)  

What if I change my mind on wanting the product?
If you purchase the service of one of our 10 Stand Alone Workshops you are able to cancel the workshop up until 7 days before the workshop is delivered. You will be entitled to a full refund of the workshop. We will be unable to refund the cost of travel fee due to the likely hood we would have already booked a train. If you decide to cancel after the 7 day deadline then we unfortunately cannot give you a refund.  

If you purchase a bespoke play in your consultations, you will be provided with a ‘get out’ date that will be the latest point in the process you can get out without having to pay the full price. This is due to the fact that the Underlines team will be working on this product researching, writing and planning for your piece. Unfortunately we cannot give the same get out date to everyone, it will be dependant on how long you have requested the script to be finished in and the length of the play. You should also note that should you chose to retract your product purchase, Underlines have full rights to do what they wish with the product should it be partly or completely finished. This includes selling the product, reusing work, using it in other plays and putting it in the sale section of the website. Your rights to the product will be removed. A ‘get out’ date will also be provided for bespoke workshops and resource packs.

What happens if I do not like the final product?
For a bespoke play, After the final piece has been created, if you do not like it, other than slight tweaks, there is nothing Underlines can do about it. You will have been kept active within the creative process and therefore should be clear about what you could expect as a final product.
If you are unhappy with a workshop we have provided, please contact us and we will see if there is anything we can do. We are unable to give a full refund.