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The Compact Story Makers

The Compact Story Makers is a team building,
imaginative, whole day workshop that encourages
storytelling, creativity, adventure and fun. In a whole group effort, by the end of the day a story book will have been created. We work to the same goals as The Story Makers but
provide more guidance and suggestions to explore through.

In the workshop we will:
-Create a short story book with illustrations through the use of
creative writing activities, art and performance.
-Look at the components of a story.
-Have a class reading time looking at the work created.
-The children will design posters to take home.

Our themes you can pick from are;
Fairy Tale Kingdom, Pirates, Explorers, Witches and Wizards and Superheroes.
Alternatively, pick your own theme for an extra £100

Additional Information;
KS1 will create one storybook that can be kept as a classroom book. If you wish you can make copies of the book to print out and give the children.
KS2 can either create one story book as a group or an individual short story book which they will be able to take home.
-In both Key Stages each young person will have illustrations and certificates to take home.

-Some activities from the full day Story Makers will not occur in this workshop