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Bespoke Curriculum Plays

What is a Curriculum play?
A Curriculum play is a
bespoke script written and tailored to your groups age, needs and abilities and based on something they are learning from the curriculum.
We can tailor the play to how many children in the group and tailor it to a theme or
topic of your choice. It is very important to us to make sure that the play fits your needs. It is an excellent way of learning and discovering in a new medium and reinforcing a topic or skill.

An example of a bespoke Curriculum play commission may be:
A school asking for a 25 minute play for a cast of 17 children ages 10 to 11
exploring the Ancient Greeks.

Purchasing a curriculum play:
-You will have a free consultation where we can get as much information about what you require in your play.
-Our writing time for the project from initial writing to end result is between 4 to 8 weeks.
-Our play prices start from £250 for a 15 minute curriculum play, however a price will be quoted to you on your consultation dependant on the subject matter.
 -We use 15 to 30 minute plays as a guideline and will depend on the age and
suitability of it for the group. If you wish for longer plays, that is a possibility.
-We will draft out some initial ideas and then have a second consultation to run them by you. This will allow you to add or remove anything where appropriate.
-Your finalised play will be sent to you as a PDF unless requested