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Please note product prices may vary upon consultation.


FUEL is a workshop which  creates a space for inventing and exploring ideas.  Focused less on a final outcome and more on generating creativity, the workshop encourages all possibilities for ideas.

The workshop is suitable for:

-Age groups from infant to adult. The content will be tailored to each individual group.
-Any level and experience of creativity whether learning centred, a hobby or professional.
-Various styles of creativity, particularly writing, acting and art.
-Businesses who are looking to develop employee potential or to encourage teamwork.

We will tailor your workshop around:
-The age group of participants.
-The environment in which it is being lead ( I.E studio, workplace, theatre, nursery, school).
-The purpose or desired outcome for it taking place.
-The needs of the participants.
-The preferred area/s of creative exploration.

Workshop lengths and prices;

-1 hour workshop - £100
-2 hour workshop -
-Half Day workshop-
-Full Day workshop-

*Please note, prices may vary depending on group sizes and location.

Additional Information;
Group size possibilities may vary if the workshop is lead for children 16 and under.
-Half day workshops are usually 3 and a half  hours in length.
-Full day workshops are usually 6 hours in length.

Explore your creativity. Fuel your imagination