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Imagine How We Imagine

Imagine How We Imagine is a workshop that delves into what our imagination can be used for, how we imagine things and together we look at and create ways to encourage and develop our imagination. We celebrate the possibilities of a blank page and the magic of creativity. All age groups can benefit from feeding their imagination and allowing themselves to create and find new ways for them of working, thinking and playing.

In this workshop we will

-Use creative work to inspire our imagination and create various work in other mediums including creative writing, art and
-Create work that can be taken home or displayed in the classroom.
-Have presentations of work and performance.
-Work independently and as a team to create.
-Discuss ideas and outcomes as a group.

Our themes you can pick from are;
Friendship, Nature, Adventure, Space and School.
Alternatively, pick your own theme for an extra £100

Additional Information;
-The material created will be tailored to the age and abilities of the group members. We don’t put a rule on how much of each piece of work is created.
E.G if a young person is only able to write a few words to describe something compared to if someone wants to write a whole page. Both will be praised.