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A Rhyme Before Home Time

A Rhyme Before Home Time is a workshop that consists of active and interesting activities that explore poetry and
rhyming based around a theme. The workshop will allow younger children to discover words that rhyme and how they may be used in a sentence and will allow older or more experienced writers to create longer pieces of poetry.

In this workshop we will:
-Use visuals and objects to create rhymes.
-Create a poem as a class and illustrate it. (Excellent for a display board).
-Explore poetry as individuals or in small groups.
-Listen to/read a variety of poetry in different styles.
-Share/Present work created.

Our themes/concepts you can pick from are;
Friendship, Nature, Adventure, Space and School.
Alternatively, pick your own theme for an extra £100

Additional Information;
-The workshop will be tailored to the requirements of the group.
-If you wish to display the poetry, we can work towards creating products for a larger scale (E.G a display board).
-There will be work that the children will have created in which they can take home.