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Underlines Platforms Education Create Testimonials

Underlines Education for Primary Schools.
We are offering services to schools and young people's organisations that encourage children to engage in creative writing, combining it with performance, art and imagination. Stories allow children (and adults) to empathise with characters, explore new worlds, learn important life lessons and have an experience of real life.

The Education Platform
10 exciting workshops combining art, performance 
and games to explore creative writing and reading.
Give us a topic and we will write a short, 
informative, fun play tailored to your
group. An engaging learning tool. 
We will write a short play around a topic on the curriculum.
Tailored to your class, this fun new learning tool will help
explore the topic in an active way.
With our bespoke/curriculum plays we 
offer a tailor made resource pack full of 
interesting group activties and learning. 
Bespoke Play Workshops
Bespoke Play Workshops
We can create and lead you a tailored, fun workshop so that your 
group can explore your bespoke play more.  
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Underlines Ink Blog
A collaborative creative blog for parents/guardians and teachers
to discover exciting and imaginative ideas.