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Please note product prices may vary upon consultation.

Script Writing Service

The Script Writing Service  is an Underlines feature that is ideal for Theatre Companies, Film Makers and any creative interested in having a new script created  to fit their needs.  We can write a play either from a devising process or through a brief given by you.
There is no specific length the piece should be, therefore quotes of price will be given to you dependent on the length of the script  needed, the time frame it is needed it  as well as several other factors that will be discussed in your enquiry.

Option One- Writing to a brief
This process consists of a company or individual  giving Underlines a writing brief for their final project. This may be a detailed idea that you wish to be brought to life,  or it could be a genre to work with. The idea of this section of the service is that you can leave us to write  and we will provide you with a piece at the end, however we encourage many discussions along the process so that you stay informed throughout.   

Option Two- Writing as part of the devising process
This process is ideal for theatre companies  who create work through devising. Underlines can  attend some or all of your devising process in order to create a script. The writers who work in the devising process will all have experience in either acting or directing as well as writing. This allows them to be as involved as  much as you wish in the process. The outcome could simply be a polished script of the work you have devised, or it could be a script created from ideas you were working on in the rehearsal room..

Purchasing a bespoke play:
-You will have a free consultation where we can get as much information about what you require in your play and what process is right for you.
-Our writing time for the project from initial writing to end result will depend on  the requirements and length of the piece.
 -Your finalised play will be sent to you as a PDF unless requested
-The terms and conditions of the script will be individual to each piece  commissioned and dependent on several factors. This will be discussed with you in your consultation.
-Unfortunately we cannot suggest a pricing for this  service as all work will be treated on an individual basis.