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Underlines Platforms Education Create Testimonials

The Play Makers

The Compact Play Makers

The Story Makers

The Compact Story Makers

The young people create a play in a day and perform it.

The young people create a shorter play in half a day and perform it.

The young people write and illustrate a story book in a day.

The young people write and illustrate a story book in half a day.

Imagine How We Imagine

Ready, Steady, Read: Children

Ready, Steady, Read: Parents/Guardians

Writing is Exciting: Children

Explorative workshop encouraging and developing imagination.

Fun new techniques to encourage children to read and get more out of it.

Helping parents with techniques to improve their child’s reading skills and enjoyment.

Developing writing skills and handwriting for young people through fun tasks.

A Rhyme Before Home Time

A look into different styles of poetry and ways to develop poetry writing skills.

Writing is Exciting: Parents/Guardians

Helping parents learn techniques to help their children improve writing skills and enjoyment.

Stand Alone Workshops

UNDERLINES offer 10 stand alone workshops with a focus on creative writing and/or reading. Combining writing with performance, art, games and activities, our workshops focus on developing young people’s engagement and enjoyment in creative writing.  All of our workshops work to the National Curriculum of England and  will be tailored to the age and abilities of your group but we recommend they are suitable for children ages 4-11.
We have
8 workshops designed for young people each with a different overall theme
exploring creative writing.
We also have
2 workshops for parents and guardians. These workshops provide fun skills and activities to help parents/guardians engage and develop children’s writing and reading.
We believe in making our workshops active, fun and suitable for all learning styles.