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Underlines Platforms Education Create Testimonials

             Imagination allows us to explore endless possibilities.
                    For Underlines, possibilities begin with words.

Underlines is a company which leads and designs writing platforms with a purpose. Our aim is to create innovative and exciting outlets that explore the possibilities that words can have. We believe that words can educate and empower, inspire and unite. We are a company who encourages exploring imagination and ideas through reading, writing, playing, creating and performance.

The first platform for Underlines is
Underlines Education.

We are offering services to schools and youth groups across England that encourage children to engage in creative writing. Underlines believe that imagination is a foundation of being a child.  Stories allow children (and adults) to empathise with characters, explore new worlds and learn important life lessons.

The services on offer from Underlines Education are:

A bespoke play writing service that is an alternative educational tool.

We create bespoke plays for young people based on a general theme or a specific part of the curriculum that can then be explored as a collective in class. We write to their needs and abilities, the amount of people in the group and write in order for them to get out of the play what they need to– this may be a social learning curve, a personal target or a learning objective. The plays can be specific to the length of script needed by the group. A brilliant learning tool allowing children to explore characters and discover and learn about a topic or theme in a new medium.

Ten stand alone workshops as a fun creative writing learning experience that combines performance, art, games and activities.

There are two types of workshops that we offer. Each one of our workshops targeted to young people have
links to the National Curriculum of England.

We offer workshops to go alongside our bespoke plays (see above) in which we design and tailor a workshop around the topics and characters within your play.

We also have 10 Stand Alone workshops which we offer as a separate entity. These workshops
encourage children to write, read and create.  Our stand alone workshops explore creative writing and reading in different, fun and active ways such as The Story Makers Workshop and Imagine How We Imagine.     

                       Your words will be heard.

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