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Writing is Exciting: Children’s Workshop

Writing is Exciting: The Children’s Workshop is a
workshop for children that will explore ways to
find or expand enjoyment in writing. The workshop looks at imagination, story telling and writing skills. It is important for us to encourage children to find new ways to enjoy writing if they are less confident with it, as well as supporting those who enjoy it. Most of
the exercises we teach can be easily done at home with minimal resources.  

In this workshop we will;
-Explore exercises that incorporate performance, art, music and games to help and inspire creative writing.
-Create various pieces of creative writing that can be displayed or taken home.
- Use sensory and visual based activities to explore hand writing and ideas.
-Explore writing prompts.
-Share work we are creating.
-Work as individuals and as a team.
-Provide the child with an illustrated activity sheet which they can use to further writing at home or in class.
Additional Information;
-We can mould our workshop for those who are just learning to write, or for older children who have had a few more years practise.