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Writing is Exciting: Parent/Guardians Workshop

Writing is Exciting: The Parent and Guardian’s Workshop is a workshop that will allow parents/guardians to learn and develop fun ways to invite and encourage young people to write. The workshop looks at imagination, story telling and writing skills. We will teach exciting exercises that can be individual writing activities or done together with the child. It is important for us to
encourage children to find new ways to enjoy writing if they are less confident with it, as well as supporting those who enjoy it and help them find more excitement in it.

In this workshop we will;
-Teach ways that may engage a child in writing.
-Allow the parents to write creatively through leading the activities and games for them.
-Look at learning styles of themselves and the children to see
whether they are similar and look at how you can adapt to different learning styles.
-Provide Parents/Guardians with an activity handout they can take home and an email PDF with activity sheets in.

This workshop is led to parents/guardians, however we can
offer a workshop in which both the adult and child are participating for an extra fee of £100.

Additional Information;
All the activities will explain how they can be adaptable for any age.